The Price of Treason

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The USBM E-mail

Number: 24.05.03

Discovery: On or around Tueday, March 27th, 2007, several people following the World of Year Zero received an email message indicating it was sent by the "Bureau of Morality," indicating that they had visited websites that—in the world of Year Zero—contained illegal content. The message went on to warn the reader that he or she would be subject to consequences in the future, and referred readers to a web address:


Bureau of Morality - Year 0000 Search <> 	

<INITIALIZE: DCS1000 v24.5.3><br>
||||| date-time failure |||||<br>



The Bureau of Morality has identified you as A CONSUMER OF DISSIDENT MATERIAL.

This is a one time warning.  Any further attempts to view, consume, or distribute un-american content will result in the loss of citizenship increments 
and/or the imposition of fines, penalties, or imprisonment.

You have choices.  Make the RIGHT ones.

For further information on making good choices, visit


Bureau of Morality
One Nation Under God



Discovery: Several people, after receiving this email, attempted to reply to it to see what would result. The following is the text of the automated response:


a usuario
This server does not accept incoming mail. Do not attempt to explain, deny, or justify your activities.

Friends, parents, teachers-anyone can try to shake your belief in America. Traitors and dissidents aren't stupid: some of the things they say can sound very 
reasonable. But...


Remember the cost.


Accessing the website initially loads a short flash movie which referrs to many factual suspensions of civil liberties that occurred during the American Civil War, and then reveals that the responsible party for those suspensions was President Abraham Lincoln.


Number: 24.05.01

Background Text: The Grapes of Wrath

Content The site proceeds to a page with links to several stories of people of the world of Year Zero, and in a propagandistic way uses them to illustrate the site's main thesis: that there are dire consequences to those who attempt to rebel against the authority in place in the world of Year Zero, in this case, the American government.


Neil Czerno

One of the linked stories, entitled "The Slow Slide Into Treason", tells the story of one Neil Czerno who was ultimately executed. In the story, it is mentioned that he started a website named Open Source Resistance, which led to the discovery of this currently active website at

Interestingly enough, in the story it mentions that Czerno's wife was diagnosed with cancer, forcing him to turn to the French government for help. The auto-reply to email sent to the address found on the Secure Broadcast Informatics website contains an anonymous e-mail to Francisco about his lack of cooperation with the USBM and mentions his wife having breast cancer. (See the Secure Broadcast Informatics page for the full text of this email.) Add to this the fact that Czerno is a webmaster, and the email from Francisco indicates he is an IT Specialist who handles internet bandwidth for clients, and that they both have a definite advocacy of free speech; while there is no hard evidence at this point they are the same person, the parallels are interesting to note.

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