Untitled (from Head Like A Hole)

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"Untitled (from Head Like A Hole)"
Album: Head Like A Hole
Length: 0:04
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Versions: Untitled (from Head Like A Hole)
Live: n/a

"Untitled (from Head Like A Hole)" is a hidden track on Nine Inch Nails' 1990 release Head Like A Hole. It consists solely of host Heather "Princess" Day saying "Let's hear it for Nine Inch Nails! Woooo! They're GOOD!". It is the shortest non-silent track on any NIN release, and also notable for being a NIN track for having no input from Trent Reznor.



  • Head Like A Hole
  • Down In It (UK version, appended to track 6)


Untitled (from Head Like A Hole)

This is the only known version, a four-second clip of television host Heather "Princess" Day cheering for Nine Inch Nails when they appeared on Dance Party USA. "Down In It" can be heard playing in the background. It is often mis-attributed to being the voice of Kelly Ripa, who was a dancer (but not host) on the show.


This has never been played live


   Let's hear it for Nine Inch Nails! Woooo! They're good!
   (in the background)
   ...come again some other day. Rain, rain-
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