Untitled (from thingsfallingapart.com)

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"Untitled (from thingsfallingapart.com)"
Album: Thingsfallingapart.com
Length: 1:08
Tempo: 85 BPM
Versions: Untitled (from thingsfallingapart.com)
Live: Unperformed

"Untitled (from thingsfallingapart.com)" is a song exclusive to the promotional website for Things Falling Apart and was originally thought to be a remix of "The New Flesh." It was released on remix.nin.com by Trent Reznor in 2007 as a high quality MP3 file, though it remains monaural.



  • None


Untitled (from thingsfallingapart.com)

This is the only known version. It is built primarily from a single guitar riff, made up of several bends. It appears to be looped in reverse and processed. The opening and closing are high pass filtered into a quiet, washed out layer, while a distorted bass note enters at various points during the main layer. Interestingly, the opening milliseconds contain the very tail end of "The Great Below," hinting that this piece was originally intended to end the first disc of The Fragile.


This piece has never been played live.

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