And The Sky Began To Scream

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"And The Sky Began To Scream"
Album: Welcome Oblivion
Length: 3:57
Tempo: 67 BPM
Versions: And The Sky Began To Scream
Live: How To Destroy Angels Live 2013
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"And The Sky Began To Scream" is the third track by How To Destroy Angels from their debut album Welcome Oblivion. It was released February 18th 2013 via a text service called "Maebe"[1].


  • Welcome Oblivion


And The Sky Began To Scream

This is the only known version.


   Worn the skin off both my knees 
   Waited oh so patiently
   Staring straight into the sun 
   Never thought you wouldn’t come 
   Somewhere sits an empty throne 
   Like we’ve always kind of known 
   Variations on a theme
   Then the sky began to scream
   I will 
   Tear it down
   To the ground
   And build another one
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