At The Heart Of It All

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"At The Heart Of It All"
Album: Further Down The Spiral
Length: 7:14
Tempo: 122 BPM
Versions: At The Heart Of It All
Live: N/A

"At The Heart Of It All" is the seventh track on 1995's Further Down The Spiral. It's an instrumental track that was created by Aphex Twin for Nine Inch Nails. A track of the same name was previously released on the Coil album Scatology.

It is the only song to appear on a NIN record to have no musical involvement from Trent Reznor, and as such is frequently misattributed as a NIN track.

Song Credits

  • Creator: Aphex Twin



  • Further Down The Spiral


  • Aphex Twin — 26 Mixes for Cash (edited slightly)
  • "Top Gear": Season 7: Top Gear Winter Olympics (02/12/2006) [1]


At The Heart Of It All

This is the only version released on an NIN album. The track begins with a metallic industrial drum loop, and eventually is interpolated with a haunting horn section that rises and falls throughout the remainder of the song.


"At The Heart Of It All" has never been played live by Nine Inch Nails.

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