Black Noise

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"Black Noise"
Album: Hesitation Marks
Length: 1:29
Tempo: 87 BPM
Versions: Black Noise
Live: Tension 2013 Tour

"Black Noise" is the fourteenth track on the 2013 release Hesitation Marks.

Song Credits


  • Hesitation Marks


Black Noise

This is the only known version. Essentially a coda to "While I'm Still Here," this short instrumental track is constructed with that song's beat, bassline, and plucked guitars, which are built upon by layers of wordless, distant vocals and 'swarm' guitar. A darker bassline and noise layers build further once the beat loop drops out, ending the track and album suddenly.


This song debuted live on the first night of the Tension 2013 Tour, and appeared at most of the shows on that tour, transitioning straight from "While I'm Still Here". It featured backing vocals by Lisa Fischer and Sharlotte Gibson.

"Black Noise" has not been played since.

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