Gone, Still

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"Gone, Still"
Album: Still
Length: 2:36
Tempo: 92 BPM
Versions: Gone, Still
Gone, Still (Video Version)
Live: Wave Goodbye Tour

"Gone, Still" is the fifth track of Still, which was initially released as the second disc of the Deluxe Edition CD of And All That Could Have Been. Currently, Still is available to order through nin.com.

Song Credits



  • And All That Could Have Been (Deluxe Edition CD; 2002)
  • Still



Gone, Still

This is the original version as it appears on Still. It is a short and quiet instrumental, featuring only acoustic guitar, piano, and synthesizer. The guitar repeats one melody throughout, on top of which the piano plays a higher melody. The second section of the piece features building synthesizer chords replacing the piano melody, giving way for the lone guitar to fade out.

Gone, Still (Video Version)

This is an alternate take recorded when the video was filmed.

Music Video

Solely released through nin.com, the video features Reznor and Jerome Dillon performing this song in the living room of Reznor's former house in New Orleans in December 2001. The version in the video is an alternate take and not the same one heard on Still.


"Gone, Still" debuted on the first night of the Wave Goodbye Tour and was played throughout, often preceding "The Way Out Is Through."

The song was performed live by Robin Finck (slide guitar), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (stand-up bass) and Ilan Rubin (keyboard, vocals). Reznor was not onstage for the song's performances.

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