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Jerome Dillon
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Instruments: Drums, acoustic guitar
Years: 1999–2005
Tours: FragilityLive: With Teeth

Jerome Dillon (born July 16, 1969) is the former drummer for Nine Inch Nails. He played for NIN somewhat on The Fragile, during the Fragility tour and the beginning of the Live: With Teeth tour. Dillon left the band on October 1, 2005, after health problems forced the band to postpone or cancel three concerts in a time period of less than two weeks. He appears in the NIN music videos for "Into The Void" and "The Hand That Feeds".

Cancelled shows

Midway through the band's first Live: With_Teeth arena show in San Diego, California on September 16, 2005, as the band was finishing "Gave Up," there were noticeable problems with Dillon's drumming (losing the tempo and other issues). As "Eraser" was supposed to start, he collapsed and was hospitalized. This and a subsequent show were postponed, and another gig was outright cancelled.[1] The cardiac disorder was later diagnosed as a non-life threatening consequence of his thyroid medication.[2]

Dillon would play his last show with NIN at the Hollywood Bowl on October 1, 2005.

Fallout with NIN

Months later, Dillon remarked that when he was healthy and ready to return, he encountered "complete apathy and no sympathy" from Trent Reznor and NIN management. In return, Reznor wrote that Dillon's "recollection of the events leading to his departure from the band is once again inaccurate."

Recently, however, Dillon remarked in the nearLY message boards that there was currently no (at least on his part) animosity between himself and "any member of the NIN camp". He also joked that he especially meant Aaron North, since he "tattooed my name on his ass..." [sic] (Referring of course to the statement by North in the "access" section of [3] [4])



nearLY was a side project of Dillon's throughout his tenure with NIN. Beginning with a reccuring bad dream, he created a sonic adventure, very much like Fragile-era NIN. The album, entitled Reminder, features Dillon in a Reznor role, contributing much of the instrumentation himself. Dillon abstained from singing on the record, instead opting for vocals by Nothing Records veteran, Claudia Sarne. He is currently working on a follow-up to Reminder featuring singer/actress Persia White on vocals.

Jerome and Aaron

During the same Q&A that produced the "tattoo" statement, North responded to a question regarding Dillon's relationship status with an emphatic, "Back off bitch, he's mine!" This has been a very large portion of much of the NIN satire out there, including Anne Tai's "Squires Of Dimness" and Diaboli's Clay NIN's. Although the remarks were most likely in fun, the result has stuck. It should also be noted that North was the only current member of NIN to be seen at a nearLY show.

Body Of Work


  • Nevermore


  • Honeysuckle Strange, Howlin' Maggie
  • EdgeFest 96 Live




2004 arhythmiA: Drums & Drones


  • With Teeth, Nine Inch Nails (Drums)
  • reminder, nearLY
  • Amber Headlights, Greg Dulli



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