Leaving Hope

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"Leaving Hope"
Album: Still
Length: 5:57
Tempo: 66 BPM
Versions: Leaving Hope
Live: Unperformed

"Leaving Hope" is the final song of The Fragile era, closing off Still. It is a slow-paced, layered instrumental with an extended fadeout at the end.

It uses a synthesizer pad built from samples of Trent Reznor's voice, also utilized in "The Frail."

In December 2005, Reznor granted a gratis license to an advertising agency to use the song in a public service announcement to promote a mental health hotline for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The piece shares its name with Reznor's former music publishing entity. A source for both uses of the name is potentially the film Pumpkinhead, which features a sign using the phrase. Reznor and company noted the influence of horror cinema on previous works, adding to the likeliness of this source.

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Leaving Hope

This is the only version available.


"Leaving Hope" has never been played live.

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