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Concert Poster for the last show in Tokyo

This tour took place during February 2014. It was part of the NIN 2013-2014 touring cycle. The opening act was Alessandro Cortini. One show also featured a guest appearance by Mariqueen Maandig for covers of songs by How To Destroy Angels.


  • Alessandro Cortini: Keyboards, programming, guitar, bass, backing vocals
  • Robin Finck: Guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Trent Reznor: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Ilan Rubin: Drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Stage Set-Up

The band with banks of spotlights
The band with overhead lighting panels

The setup for this leg was minimal and a departure from the 2013 legs. No screens or projections were used, but it consisted instead of banks of various spotlights behind and above the band, as well as the overhead lighting panels that were used during the Tension 2013 Tour.

Typical Setlist

The minimal production for this portion of the tour meant that the setlists could be readily changed up. The sets were very different across the three nights, as they were all taking place in the same city at the same venue. This was perhaps also to make up for the fact that NIN had not played in Japan for seven years.

Tour Dates

Date/Location Venue
2014/02/25 Tokyo, Japan Studio Coast
2014/02/26 Tokyo, Japan Studio Coast
2014/02/28 Tokyo, Japan Studio Coast
2014/03/01 Pattaya, Thailand Silverlake Music Festival - CANCELLED

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