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Null numbers are the numbers assigned to pieces of the Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross discography in the order that they are released, in the style of Nine Inch Nails' "Halo numbers". They are so named because they are released or published via The Null Corporation. On December 2nd, 2019, the assignment and order of the numbers was confirmed by John Crawford on Echoing The Sound forum.

Null # Name Release Year Description
0.5 Quake Soundtrack 2020 Vinyl release
01 The Social Network Soundtrack 2010 Digital, CD, BD, and Vinyl release
02 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack 2011 Digital, CD, and Limited edition Vinyl release
03 Gone Girl Soundtrack 2014 Digital, CD, BD, and Vinyl release
04 Before The Flood Soundtrack 2016 Digital and Vinyl release
05 Patriots Day Soundtrack 2017 Digital release
06 The Vietnam War Original Score 2017 Digital, CD, and Vinyl release
07 John Carpenter's Halloween 2017 Digital and Vinyl release
08 Mid90s (Original Music From The Motion Picture) 2018 Digital release
09 Bird Box Original Score 2019 Digital and Vinyl release
10 Watchmen (Music From The HBO Series) 2019 Digital and Vinyl release
11 Waves (Original Score) 2019 Digital release

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