Rusty Nails IV

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Rusty Nails IV is the fourth installment in the Rusty Nails bootleg series.


  1. "I'm Afraid Of Americans"
  2. "I'm Afraid Of Americans (Remix)"
  3. "The Perfect Drug (Aphrodite Mix)"
  4. "Hurt (Live)"
  5. "Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn (NIN Mix)"
  6. "Victory (NIN Mix)"
  7. "Light (NIN Fat Back Dub Remix)"
  8. "Hearts Filthy Lesson (Reznor Alternative Mix)"
  9. "Head Like A Hole (Devo)"
  10. "Symphony Of Destruction (NIN Gristle Mix)"
  11. "Black Bomb (Jerry In The Bag)"
  12. "Pleasant Smell (NIN Mix)"
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