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[[Image:Strobelight-cover-art.jpg|thumb|200px|Copyright 2009 Nine Inch Nails !!!DO NOT STEAL!!!!]]
On 1 April, 2009, [[Trent Reznor]] announced '''''Strobe Light,''''', which was apparently NIN[[Nine Inch Nails]]'s brand-new album, featuring various artists, with a repeating tempo accompanying the page.
#"Intro Skit"
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This "release", was a an April Fools' joke on Reznor's fans, and was a parody of the current music scene's obsession with particular artists, production by Timbaland , and also a tongue-in-cheek poke at his own song titles and public image.
Any attempt to download the album would redirect the user to a faux "Blue Screen Of Death" ([ here]), a final mock at Windows.
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