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| live = [[With Teeth Fall Arena Tour]] through Present
}}'''"Only"''' is the eighth track on the 2005 album ''[[With Teeth (halo)|With Teeth]].'' It was released as a [[Only (halo)|single]] in summer 2005, receiving the designation [[Halo numbers|Halo 20]] (see ''[[Only (halo)]]''). It is known for its upbeat and synthesizer-driven instrumentation, and casual lyric delivery, reminiscent of 1989's "[[Down In It (song)|Down In It]]." It was censored on radio, though it was obvious that the word "fucking" was being cut out.
"Only" was the last song finished for ''With Teeth.''[] It was the second song that saw the release of its master tracks [[multitracks]] for fan remixes.
==="Down In It"===
"Only" contains a verse that is very similar to a verse in the song "Down In It."