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If you know what I'm talking about, cool.
Several years before this higher quality DVD was leaked, a bootleg DVD version of the original VHS titled "Rated 'R' - A Retrospective" was spread around. Aside from the main menus which were fan-created, it is virtually identical to ''Closure''. ''Closure'': Part 1 and all of the bonus material from both parts of the DVD version have been uploaded to the official [[Nine Inch Nails]] Vimeo account.
==Video listing==
# Live, : 1989 - 1991.
#* (00:06) MTV News dressing room interview, Reznor and [[Richard Patrick]]
#* (00:29) Live snippet of "[[Get Down, Make Love]]"
#* (15:33) Band rehearses "[[Big Man with a Gun]]"
 # Self Destruct. : 1994 - 1996.
#* (16:54) Montage of live footage set to "[[Mr. Self Destruct]]"
#* (17:15) Live footage: "March of the Pigs"
*Behind-the-scenes footage documenting the creation of the "Closer" video with commentary by [[Mark Romanek]]
==External Links==
*[http://wwwvimeo.youtubecom/61998095 ''Closure'': Part 1 at Vimeo]*[ Appendage: 1989-1991 at Vimeo]*[ Appendage: 1994-1997 at Vimeo]*[ 3704806 Behind The Scenes of "WishCloser" live music videoat Vimeo]
*[ ''Closure'' at]
*[ ''Closure'' at]