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[[Image:Closure.jpg|thumb|Halo 12 - ''Closure''<br />[ Find on Amazon] - [ Find on eBay]]]
'''''Closure''''' (also known as '''''[[Halo numbers|Halo 12]]''''') is a double VHS video set released on November 25, 1997. The first tape is a documentary of the [[Self_Destruct_Touring_Cycle|Self-Destruct Tour]], and the second tape is a compilation of [[Nine Inch Nails music videos |music videos]] that had been created up to that point.
According to [[Russell Mills]], who created the artwork, a live album was also planned as a companion to ''Closure'' and artwork was made for it, but the idea was scrapped. The unused paintings can be seen [ here].
==Video listing==
#* (00:06) MTV News dressing room interview, [[Trent Reznor |Reznor]] and [[Richard Patrick]]
#* (00:29) Live snippet of "[[Get Down, Make Love]]"
#* (00:45) (cont'd) MTV News dress room interview, Reznor and Patrick
An improved DVD version was first announced to be released in late 2004, but due to issues with [[Interscope Records]], this has yet to happen. On December 20, 2006, two DVDs of ''Closure'' were leaked through the use of BitTorrent. Shortly after the leak, a message on [[Trent Reznor]]'s personal blog on [[The Spiral]] was posted possibly linking Reznor himself to the leak:
12/21/2006 : HAPPY HOLIDAYS!