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[[Image:P8m-front.jpg|thumb|200px|''Pretty Eight Machine'']]
'''''Pretty Eight Machine''''' is a [[Nine Inch Nails]] tribute album of all songs from the ''[[Pretty Hate Machine]]'' album, reproduced by old computers and game consoles. It was recorded and released by chiptune musician Inverse Phase. The tribute was originally released June 14, 2012 for download on bandcampBandcamp.[] The system represented by each track is listed next to the title.
==Track Listing==
#"[[Ringfinger|Token Ringfinger]]" (Japanese Sega Master System or MSX with FM-PAC cartridge / MSX-MUSIC)
==BookletSpecial Edition==Special edition bonus tracks are released on June 1, 2014 via Bandcamp. #"[[Now I'm Nothing|Now I'm Null(thing)]], InSIDious Lie"#"Something Else You Never Had"#"[[Purest Feeling (song)|Purest Beeping]]"#"[[Maybe Just Once|Maybe Just Ones (and zeroes)]]"#"[[Get Down, Make Love|Get Pong, Breakout]]" ==External Links==*[ ''Pretty Eight Machine'' at Bandcamp]*[ ''Pretty Eight Machine'' Special Edition bonus tracks]*[ Download the digital Digital booklet for the special edition of ''Pretty Eight Machine'']
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