==Special Edition==
A Special edition bonus tracks are released Edition is planned for release on June 1, 2014 . The bonus tracks will be released as a form of "upgrade EP" via Bandcamp, and also as a cohesive album via Google Play, iTunes, and Loudr. A The new tracks bring the grand total of system configurations used to 11. The digital booklet for this edition is included with the album download from bandcamp, but can also be downloaded [ here.]
#"[[Now I'm Nothing|Now I'm Null(thing)]], InSIDious Lie"(Commodore 64)#"Something Else You Never Had"(MSX with no expansions)#"[[Purest Feeling (song)|Purest Beeping]]"(Sega Genesis/Mega Drive)#"[[Maybe Just Once|Maybe Just Ones (and zeroes)]]"(Atari 800)#"[[Get Down, Make Love|Get Pong, Breakout]]"(combination Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari 2600)
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