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*Stills gallery
*Easter eggs (accessed by pressing return on the respective menus)
**Live clip of [[NIN ]] performing "Down In It " at ''Dance Party USA '' (accessible from main menu)**Live clip of NIN performing "[[Sex Dwarf ]]" (accessible from extras menu)
#* (34:17) Live: "Mr. Self Destruct"
#* (36:25) Reznor and [[Danny Lohner]] go over chord changes for Soft Cell's "[[Sex Dwarf]]" cover
#* (37:27) Live snippet of "Closer"
#* (37:43) Live: Stage crew Stonehenge prank during "Wish"
An additional item is included on the DVD version:
*Behind-the-scenes footage documenting the creation of the "Closer" video with commentary by [[Mark Romanek]]
*Easter egg clip of British Airways cabin crew listening to "[[The Downward Spiral (halo)|The Downward Spiral]]" and reading the lyrics to "Reptile's lyrics " from its booklet.
If you know what I'm talking about, cool.
The download is intended to be burned onto dual-layer discs. A single-layer version was eventually supposed to be uploaded, but it never materialized. ''Closure'': Part 1 and all of the bonus material from both parts of the DVD version have been uploaded to the official [[Nine Inch Nails]] Vimeo account.
Several years before this higher quality DVD was leaked, a bootleg DVD version of the original VHS titled "Rated 'R' - A Retrospective" was spread around. Aside from the main menus which were fan-created, it is virtually identical to ''Closure''.