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==Original live footage==
The original live document of NIN's 1994-1995 tour was to be helmed by Simon Maxwell, director of the videos for "Hurt", "Eraser" and the live video for "The Downward SpiralWish". The footage was eventually rejected and footage that had been shot concurrently by Jonathan Rach and Jeff Richter was compiled instead. Maxwell expounded on this in an interview []:
<blockquote>SM: "Yeah. I shot all this footage. This is a really funny story, actually. We shot all this footage, and put it all together, and sent it over to Trent, and.... I don’t know what was going on. But anyway… he didn’t like some of it. For various reasons. I have no idea why. So we cut three or four of the songs, and they were okay, and then… we didn’t hear from him anymore.