Many of the tracks on the ''Deviations 1'' release differ from that of the 2015 Apple Music instrumental release:
*"The Day The World Went Away" from Apple Music features an instrumental of the (Quiet) mix, while ''Deviations 1 '' features the album version instrumental.*"We're In This Together" from Apple Music features an instrumental of the album version, while ''Deviations 1 '' cuts the intro off and has "Missing Places" flow into it.
*"La Mer" is cleaned up and removes the audio glitch found about 40 seconds in on the Apple Music version.
*"[[Hello, Everything Is Not OK]]" from the Apple Music release is now called "10 Miles High " (Instrumental), though it is entirely the same track. *"Starfuckers, Inc." is about 25 seconds longer on ''Deviations 1 '' with an extended outro featuring the [[Starfuckers, Inc. (song)#Starfuckers.2C_Inc._.28The_Day_The_World_Went_Away.29|KISS sample]].*"Ripe (With Decay)" only featured as "Ripe" on the Apple Music release, clocking in at 4:34, while ''Deviations 1 '' provides "Ripe (With Decay)" in its entirety at 7:35. *In general, ''Deviations 1 '' sounds cleaner and more polished as opposed to the Apple Music release.
==Track List==