*"We're In This Together" from Apple Music features an instrumental of the album version, while ''Deviations 1'' cuts the intro off and has "Missing Places" flow into it.
*"La Mer" is cleaned up and removes the audio glitch found about 40 seconds in on the Apple Music version.
*"The New Flesh" and "The Way Out Is Through", while listed as (Alt) in the Apple Music version, is are now called (Instrumental) in ''Deviations 1'' and is are musically identical.
*"[[Hello, Everything Is Not OK]]" from the Apple Music release is now called "10 Miles High" (Instrumental), though it is entirely the same track.
*"Starfuckers, Inc." is about 25 seconds longer on ''Deviations 1'' with an extended outro featuring the [[Starfuckers, Inc. (song)#Starfuckers.2C_Inc._.28The_Day_The_World_Went_Away.29|KISS sample]].