| BPM = 112
| versions = Only<br>Only (Instrumental)<br>Only (Radio Edit)<br>Only (Richard X Remix)<br>Only (El-P Remix)<br>Only (Richard X Dub)<br>Only (Richard X Edit)<br>Only (El-P Instrumental)<br>Only (''[[Beside You In Time (halo)|Beside You In Time]]'')
| live = [[With Teeth Fall Arena Tour]] through [[Lights In The Sky Tour]]<br>[[NIN + QOTSA Tour]]<br>[[NIN 2014 Europe/UK Tour]] through present
}}'''"Only"''' is the eighth track on the 2005 album ''[[With Teeth (halo)|With Teeth]].'' It was released as a [[Only (halo)|single]] in summer 2005, receiving the designation [[Halo numbers|Halo 20]]. It is known for its upbeat and synthesizer-driven instrumentation, and casual lyric delivery, reminiscent of 1989's "[[Down In It (song)|Down In It]]." It was censored on radio, though it was obvious that the word "fucking" was being cut out.
"Only" was the last song finished for ''With Teeth.''[] It was the second song that saw the release of its [[multitracks]] for fan remixes.
===Only (Instrumental)===
'''''Running Time: 4:48'''''
Released exclusively through Apple Music.
==Reznor on the songwriting==
<blockquote>"It's about the business. When you get on this path of trying to sell records it becomes about selling more records and playing bigger venues. It's like,'"I'm friends with Tom Morello but Audioslave are releasing something on the same day as us and I must destroy him'. " It's like, '"Wait a minute!' " The goal has to be about making the best music possible or else it becomes something that will make you implode. Although, I'd rather have money than not because I know what not having it is like and not being able to pay the gas bill sucks. I feel lucky that I can do this but I constantly have to remind myself what the goal is. Should I say yes to that Microsoft commercial because I could use a new house? Or do I say no because this is something precious that would be tarnished if I did that? I find myself saying this to record labels and business manager guys,and they're like, '"You won't do what because of what?' " My feelings were hurt when I heard [[David Bowie]]'s '"Heroes' " on a fucking Microsoft commercial. It's like ', "Why? Fuck!'"</blockquote>
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