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An improved DVD version was first announced to be released in late 2004, but due to issues with [[Interscope Records]], this has yet to happen. On December 20, 2006, two DVDs of ''Closure'' were leaked through the use of BitTorrent. Shortly after the leak, a message on Trent Reznor's personal blog on [[The Spiral]] was posted possibly linking Reznor himself to the leak:
12/21/2006 : HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
If you know what I'm talking about, cool.
[[Rob Sheridan]] has since confirmed that the leak was from the NIN camp.[] The download is intended to be burned onto dual-layer discs. A single-layer version was eventually supposed to be uploaded, but it never materialized. The prototype is currently available on[] ''Closure'': Part 1 and all of the bonus material from both parts of the DVD version have been uploaded to the official Nine Inch Nails Vimeo account. As was the case with the ''[[And All That Could Have Been (halo)|And All That Could Have Been]]'' DVD, the menus are accompanied by several different dark ambient music pieces recorded specifically for them.
Several years before this higher quality DVD was leaked, a bootleg DVD version of the original VHS titled "Rated 'R' - A Retrospective" was spread around. Aside from the main menus which were fan-created, it is virtually identical to ''Closure''.