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Hamilton contributed to the now defunct [[Tapeworm]] project and also played guitar on "[[No, You Don't]]" from [[Nine Inch Nails]]' ''[[The Fragile]]''. He elaborated on the NIN session in an interview:
<blockquote>"[[Trent Reznor|Trent]] was a Helmet fan and they asked to [[Fall 1995 Club Tour|tour]] with us after he was opening for [[David Bowie]] and we just had a blast. We hit it off and had a really fun time. I went down to New Orleans to work with [[Charlie Clouser]], who was one of the most brilliant computer geeks worked with and he was a big part of ''[[The Downward Spiral (halo)|The Downward Spiral]]''. And then I just was riffing one day and Trent was really into it and it evolved from there. It was a good musical pairing, even though we have different backgrounds. Iā€™m a Masters Degree in jazz kind of guy and Trent is really good with the technology side of things."[]</blockquote>
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