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"Supernaut" is a song originally written and recorded by Black Sabbath and covered by Ministry side project 1000 Homo DJs. Several versions of the song exist, and though Trent Reznor recorded the original vocals for the song, several debates exist as to which version contains his contributions, as he remains uncredited on official releases due to contractual spats with TVT Records. It is one of several songs misattributed to NIN.


with Al Jourgensen

  • Supernaut (1990)
  • Nativity in Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath (1994)

Feat Trent Reznor

  • Wax Trax! Sampler #2 (1989)
  • Black Box- Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years (1994)
  • Ministry, Side Trax (2004)



This is the only known version. It appeared on the Wax Trax! Sampler #2 cassette with Reznor's vocals uncredited. This track was popularized in the NIN fan base with its inclusion on the Halo 00 and Demos and Remixes bootlegs. It wasn't officially released until 1994's Wax Trax! Black Box.


    I want to reach out and touch the sky
    I want to touch the sun, but I don't want to fly 
    I'm gonna climb up every mountain on the moon
    I found the dish that runs away with the spoon
    I've crossed the ocean, done every land
    I found the crossing at the golden rainbow's end
    I've been through magic and through life's reality
    I've lived a thousand years, it never bothered me
    Bothered me
    Bothered me
    Got no religion, don't need no friends
    Got all I want, I got no need to pretend
    Don't try to reach me, cause I'll tear up your mind
    I've seen the future and I'd leave it all behind

The following lyrics appear in the song as pre-recorded audio and other samples:

    Practially every one of the top 40 records being played on
    every radio station in the united states is a communication to the
    Children to take a trip, to cop out, to groove. the psychedelic
    Jackets on the record albums have their own hidden symbols and
    Messages as well as the lyrics to all the top rock songs and they all
    Sing the same refrain: its fun to take a trip, put acid in your veins.
    They all sing the same refrain:
    It's fun to take a trip, put acid in your veins.
    25 seconds
    20 seconds and counting
    15 seconds, guidence is internal
    12, 11, 10, 9
    Ignition sequence starts
    6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
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