Underneath It All

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"Underneath It All"
Album: The Fragile (Right)
Length: 2:46
Tempo: 110 BPM
Versions: Underneath It All
Underneath It All (Instrumental)
Live: Unperformed

"Underneath It All" is the tenth track on the Right disc of The Fragile.

It is possible that the unreleased track "Stained" is actually this track, and "Stained" was simply a working title.




Underneath It All

This is the original album version. A unique track in the NIN canon, its instrumentation is unlike anything else in the band's catalog, much like its preceding track, "The Big Come Down". The song immediately begins with a quiet beat and scratchy synthesizer melody. These are soon built upon by a stuttering, noisy rhythm loop, on top of which Trent Reznor sings lyrics and melodies related to those of its sister track, "The Great Below." Distorted guitars and synthesizers soon enter and build to a climax, after which the final lines are sung a capella, but are distorted, equalized, and washed in delay.

Underneath It All (Instrumental)

Running Time: 3:21

Released exclusively through Apple Music as part of The Fragile Instrumental and later on The Fragile: Deviations 1, this version is significantly longer, as it contains the full intro beat and an extra repetition of the ending "All I do/I can still feel you" distorted vocal. Interestingly, despite the removal of the lead vocal track, the drawn out first syllable of the first word ("all") remains as part of the backing vocals. The distorted guitar during the main portion of the song is also brought up in the mix as well, since it no longer needs to make room for the main vocal track.


"Underneath It All" has never been played live.


    All I do
    I can still feel you
    Numb all through
    I can still feel you
    Hear your call
    Underneath it all
    Kill my brain
    Yet you still remain
    After all I've died
    After all I've tried
    You are still inside
    All I do
    I can still feel you
    You remain
    I am stained
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