The Big Come Down

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"The Big Come Down"
Album: The Fragile (Right)
Length: 4:12
Tempo: 81 BPM
Versions: The Big Come Down
The Big Come Down (Instrumental)
The Big Come Down (Beside You In Time)
Live: Fragility v2.0 through Wave Goodbye
Tension 2013 Tour
NIN + QOTSA Tour through NIN 2014 Latin America Tour
Europe + Asia 2018 through present

"The Big Come Down" is the ninth track on the Right disc of The Fragile. Its layers were published in a Flash application for a remix contest during The Fragile era.





The Big Come Down

This is the original album version. A unique track in the NIN canon, it features a loud and bombastic drum loop with odd percussion sounds, synthesized bass, and an oddly-tuned acoustic guitar riff. Trent Reznor's vocals in the verses are abrasively yelled, contrasting with the melodic singing in the pre-choruses and choruses, a pattern that would be used again in "The Line Begins To Blur" and "Head Down". The chorus is backed by organ chords, while the bridge descends into ambient synthesizers and loops before exploding back into the song with a new synthesized melody. The song ends suddenly, segueing immediately into "Underneath It All".

The Big Come Down (Instrumental)

Running Time: 4:05

Released exclusively through Apple Music, then later on The Fragile: Deviations 1, the entire song runs at its original tempo of 83 BPM. All vocals are removed, and the synth melody/solo after the bridge features additional guitar parts layered with roaring crowd sounds.

The Big Come Down (Beside You In Time)

Reznor is highly energetic in this particular performance. As well, the acoustic guitar in the original album version is replaced with a moderately distorted guitar.


"The Big Come Down" made its live debut on April 3, 2000. It has been performed sporadically since the Fragility tour in 1999, with the Lights In The Sky Tour the only one it could properly be considered a regular on. During the Tension 2013 Tour, this song featured backing vocals by Lisa Fischer and Sharlotte Gibson.


    There is a game I play
    Try to make myself okay
    Try so hard to make the pieces all fit
    Smash it apart
    Just for the fuck of it
    Bye bye oooh
    Got to get back to the bottom
    Bye bye oooh
    The big come down isn't that what you wanted?
    Bye bye oooh
    Find a place with the failed and forgotten
    Bye bye oooh
    Isn't that really what you wanted now?
    There is no place I can go there is no way I can hide
    It feels like it keeps coming from the inside
    There is a hate that burns within
    The most desperate place I have ever been
    Try to get back to where I'm from
    The closer I get the worse it becomes
    The closer I get the worse it becomes
    There is no place I can go there is no place I can hide
    It feels like it keeps coming from the inside
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