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NinWiki Newsletter Issue #2.

Things to Do
What can you do to help out in the NIN Wiki?
Name Of The Song
Song titles should always have first letters capitalized, even with small words. For instance, Down In It would normally be formatted Down in it, but this does not look quite right and can be confusing in some cases. Here are some general guidelines:
  • All First Letters Must Be Capitalized For Releases And Song Titles
  • Song titles should be in "quotes", while album titles should be in italics
  • Page names for songs should be Song Title, unless there is also a halo for it, in which case it should be Song Title (song)
  • Page names for halos should be Song Title (halo)
  • For example: With Teeth (song) and With Teeth (halo)
NinWiki IRC
If you would like to chat with us, the NinWiki IRC channel is located on Freenode. You can access it with many IRC clients by clicking this link, or if you don't have an IRC client, go here and enter your NinWiki name in the nickname space, and ninwiki in the channel space. If you would like to download an IRC client, check out Wikipedia's list of IRC clients.
Focus on NIN Discography

The Nine Inch Nails discography is expansive and can be confusing. A Wiki is the perfect place to catalog, in detail, each NIN release and NIN song. To help out:

  • Create song pages using the Song Layout, which will standardize song pages.
  • Add the NIN Songs category to songs and the NIN Discography category to releases and etc.
  • Do not add links to mp3 files of songs. If you really think the article needs it, ask an Admin first.
  • Add Year Zero stuff as it comes up. After all, that's what this Wiki was created for originally!

Wikipedia can be a great resource to study when writing NinWiki articles, but it's important to remember to never copy word for word what Wikipedia says. It's not illegal, it's just bad practice. Let's build a great wiki from the ground up :-).

The Staff
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