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Wish is the second promotional single from 1992's Broken EP, released exclusively to radio stations and music stores to promote the song "Wish."

Track listing for promotional single

"Wish" was never produced as a commercial single to be sold to the public, most likely because its parent release was itself not much longer than a single. However, various promotional discs were distributed for airplay.


Four-track single distributed as Interscope Records DMD 1947. Each side of the record plays the same tracklisting:

  1. "Wish" (Remix Version by J. G. Thirlwell) - 9:08
  2. "Wish" (EP Version) - 3:47


One-track single distributed as Interscope Records PRCD 4893-2.

  1. "Wish" (No Bad Words mix) - 3:37
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