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The trailer for Year Zero has been uploaded. It can be viewed in high-res and lo-res. A description of the video follows:

The shot appears to be taken looking out through the window of kind of vehicle (due to the speed) travelling in a desert-like area. About 5.4 seconds into it, a blue sign flashes by, which, when viewed frame by frame can be seen to read




referencing, of course, I Am Trying To Believe.

At this point, the audio (formerly just slight road noise) changes to a high pitched noise. At 11.4 seconds (or about there), there is a loud thump and the camera begins to shake and swings backwards, where there is clearly a Presence Hand. This is visible (shakily, with a lot of static) for about 4 seconds. During this distortion, at frame 24 of the 12th second, the text "/0024" can be seen (it is inside the second black bar that appears on the screen). The screen then fades black and the words "Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero" appear, fade, and "4.17.07" shows up, fades, and "" fades in. All three screens of text seem to have "tracking issues" with the words having a shaking ghost-like image behind them.

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