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Organizing Year Zero

Due to the massive nature of the World of Year Zero, organization of information is paramount to gaining a complete understanding of what is known up to

date. As such, I am putting togeather this guide to organize all Year Zero content on the website, including a hierarchy of the main research pages and

standards for various types of recurring details in Year Zero (such as websites). In this manner all sites will be consistant in their style, easily

accessable, and there will be no redundant pages.

General Standards

Splitting Articles As a rule of thumb, when a subsection of any site gains more than 4-5 of it's own subsections it should be split into it's own

article and replaced on it's parent page with a short description and a link.

Major Subtopic Subsections For large subsections that become articles, if they have SPECIFIC major subsections numbering less than 4-5 you may include a description and link to the article of each. (ie Year Zero Individuals is a good example with few major people and a large ammount of minor people, the major ones can be listed on the Reserarch Page until they are too numerous).

Year Zero Name Any major top-end page name (ie Research, Story, People, etc) should be distinguised from the rest of the Wiki content by adding "Year

Zero" to the name.

Information Ordering Any subject in which the information is not proven to be dependant on chronology should use alphabetical order.

Year Zero Research This will be trhe consolidated center of all information regarding Year Zero. The very top of the hierarchy.

Year Zero Research

  • Disvovery - Include details about how Year Zero was first discovered
  • Year Zero Timeline - Include basic details about change in date system.
  • Year Zero World Facts - Include short description of overall state of the world and link to article.
  • Year Zero Individuals - Include short description of types of people found, and link to article. Include major people only.
  • Year Zero Organizations - Include description of types of organizations found. Include major organizations only.
  • Year Zero Phenomena - Include details about change belief systems in Year Zero
  • Year Zero Drugs - Include description of drug prevalance in Year Zero
    • Parepin - Short description and link to article.
    • Opal - Short description and link to article.
    • Copper - Short description and link to article.
  • Year Zero Websites - Include introduction to websites discovered
    • Table of websites
  • Year Zero Multimedia - Include introduction to multimedia files obtained
    • List of videos with descriptions and article links
    • List of audio files with descriptions and article links
    • Any other multimedia category
  • Year Zero in Real Life - Include introduction to IRL occurances
    • List of phonenumbers with descriptions and article links
    • List of murals with descriptions and article links
    • List of OSR Meetings with descriptions and article links
    • Any other IRL occurance category
  • Year Zero Puzzles

Year Zero Timeline

Forthcomming... Subtopic page.

Year Zero World Facts

Forthcomming... Subtopic page.

Year Zero Individuals

Forthcomming... Subtopic page.

Year Zero Numbers

Forthcomming... Subtopic page.

Year Zero Banned Media

Forthcomming... Subtopic page.

Standard: Identity

Forthcomming... For individuals and organizations.

Standard: Fact Page

Forthcomming... For world facts, phenomena, and drugs

Standard: Website

Forthcomming... For website discoveries

Standard: Multimedia

Forthcomming... For multimedia discoveries

Standard: Real life

Forthcomming... For real life discoveries

Comments: Remember that too many subpages would be exactly the opposite of what we have now - too little info on each page. If you're careful about that, this will turn out great! --Tonyconverse! 22:55, 16 April 2007 (PDT)