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Coming soon.
[[The Slip]]

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Album:  ?
Length: 4:30
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Versions: Discipline
Live: N/A
Discipline Track Art
"Discipline" is the latest single from Nine Inch Nails. It contains a beat reminiscent of "Only" from 2005's With Teeth and the lyrics seem to have a sado-masochistic overtone.

The song was released to radio stations simultaneously around 2:30pm EST on April 22, 2008, being mastered only the day before, and was then made available as a free download via the official Nine Inch Nails website. When downloaded, it comes with track art and a note found in the comments box of the song info saying "Go to www.nin.com on May 5," possibly confirming rumors of a new EP. It is possible that each square on the cover represents a track of the ep. The lyrics are also contained.

"Discipline" is the first radio single from NIN since becoming an independent recording act, following their final release under a major record label, 2007's Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D. Due to the advertisement and short notice of the release, the song was posted on YouTube almost immediately after release.

When downloading the song from discipline.nin.com, the process involves submitting an email address and a zip/postal code, opening the email and clicking the download link, then putting the token code into the website after clicking the link. A .zip file is automatically downloaded once the token and link have registered. In addition, the multitrack files can be found at remix.nin.com.


The Slip



This is the only version of the song.


    Am I still tough enough?
    Feels like I’m wearing down
    Is my viciousness
    Losing ground?
    Am I taking too much
    Did I cross a line
    I need my role in this
    Very clearly defined
    I need your discipline
    I need your help
    I need your discipline
    You know once I start I cannot help myself
    And now it's starting up
    feels like I'm losing touch
    Nothing matters to me
    Nothing matters as much
    I see you left a mark
    Up and down my skin
    I don't know where I end
    And where you begin
    I need your discipline
    I need your help
    I need your discipline
    You know once I start I cannot help myself
    Once I start I cannot stop myself

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