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Year Zero packaging insert

This phone number was found on the back of Year Zero packaging. It is part of a Bureau of Morality warning sticker saying: "Consuming or spreading this material may be considered subversive by the United States Bureau of Morality. If you or someone you know has engaged in subversive acts or thoughts, call 1-866-445-6580. BE A PATRIOT- BE AN INFORMER!"

The message appeared at the number at around 4:15 pm EDT April 4, 2007. When called before that time, a female voice stated "mailbox 4456580" and then the call ended.

As of approximately 9:30 am EDT November 10, 2008, this number no longer functions, giving a recording that states "This mailbox does not exist."


This is a message from the United States Bureau of Morality, pursuant to statute 24.12.2, Disclosure of Surveillance.

Citizen, by calling this number you and your family are implicitly pleading guilty to the consumption of anti-American media and have been flagged as potential militants.

The United States Bureau of Morality has activated the tracking system embedded in your personal media and initiated citizen surveillance.

United States Surveillance Law gives us the right to search and seize information relating to subversive activities from your person, vehicle, workplace, or home.

Any attempt to hinder or prevent our investigation will be met with all necessary force.

You are now part of the problem. Your reeducation is about to begin. God bless America.


The number 24.12.2 is vocally given during the automated message, which apparently refers to the statute on disclosure of surveillance.

Other Info

When pressing "*" during the message, a female automated recording says "Please enter the extension on which you are logging in, followed by the pound key."

after entering the number 4456580 and pressing "*" the next message appears

"Please leave your name, phone number and any message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Thank you for calling. "

Ninwiki user iguana_nirvana14 discovered if punching in the numbers given at the beginning of the call, the same message above is repeated.

The responsible organization (RESPORG) for this number is VML01 which is "GotVMail" (http://www.gotvmail.com/)

This number is also the number that shows on Caller ID when recieving the automated call from Free Rebel Art.


MP3 - http://www.sendspace.com/file/6b1s2h

If you press * and enter in 24.15.2, the number found through 1-310-295-1040, you are asked to enter your name number and any short message and you will hear from someone shortly.

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