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Number: 24.2.1

Background Text: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King


This website is mentioned on the Year Zero CD booklet.


This website has the appearance of a rebel site like Art Is Resistance, but without a government pop-up. In the corner is a box where you can fill in your name and phone number to receive "something to help fight back against this Administration". After filling in your information, the message "The password is RESISTANCE. Please stand by" appears. Shortly the phone number entered rings...

The Call

On answering the call a recording of a woman says the name entered and asks you for the password. Saying "Resistance" plays the rest of the recording while most other things will prompt the woman to tell you the password is invalid. The concept is that site was put up by the government to find rebels and it tells you that your emails, phone calls, everything will be monitored, and you will probably not be able to get a job. It also says it will send you information on how to make your punishment less severe. Saying "Art Is Resistance" does the same.

The statute that the call recording says you are pleading guilty under is 24.2.1.

You Are A Threat

Background Text: The Simple Art of Murder by Raymond Chandler


Even if you don't enter any information into the form on the main page, on hitting submit you are notified that your computer is tagged, phone lines tapped, and all email will be opened before you get it. Every aspect of your private life is now open to "invasive search" and all cameras around town will be fixed on you. Further, your browsing history has been logged and the Bureau of Morality will investigate it. Your driving, marriage, and parenting licenses have all been "SUSPENDED/DENIED."

Near the bottom of the page, the warning "You have chosen to fight America. America is fighting back" greets you. You have a chance to earn back your citizenship points by turning in just one person "you suspect of holding anti-American attitudes." The big "click here" button opens up an email blind carbon copied to that you can send to such a person and hope that they turn themselves in through the same trick you fell into.

after sending the message to your "friend" you receive a email from

Thank you for helping us identify other citizens in need of re-education.  

It will be a long time before the United States can have full confidence in you as a citizen, but we realize you are working hard to correct your 
earlier mistake.  If any of the people you identify as subversive do in fact take the step of signing up at, we will review the 
status of your citizen points and consider reinstating a portion of them based on your actions.  

Now more than ever, America needs you, heart and soul.  Welcome home.

United States Bureau of Morality


To help you make better choices, please review the information at  Remember, your browser activity is being logged 
and monitored.



The number that shows on Caller ID or Call History is 18664456580.

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