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Aaron North
Instruments: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Years: 2005-2007
Tours: Live: With Teeth-Performance 2007

Aaron Wright North (born March 22, 1979) was recruited as part of the live band in 2005. His playing style has caused him to receive much criticism (and praise) from both Nine Inch Nails fans and music journalists. Before joining Nine Inch Nails, he was a part of the Los Angeles punk band The Icarus Line. Following his departure from NIN, North has started his own band called Jubilee. He is the main character of the web comic Squires Of Dimness. He appears in the NIN music videos for "The Hand That Feeds" and "Survivalism".

He was known as Aaron Icarus while he was in The Icarus Line.



A "project of sheer boredom" of Aaron North and Travis Keller. Buddyhead is a record label that is infamous for it's gossip section that frequently featured phone numbers of celebrities such as Fred Durst and Courtney Love. The gossip section also frequently slammed Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses. The members of Nine Inch Nails also receive a lot of attention, but not in a negative fashion. Buddyhead is also known for antics such as spray-painting "$uckin' Dick$" on the tour bus of another band, The Strokes, as well as breaking into the Interscope Records building to steal Fred Durst's baseball cap. The cap was eventually sold on eBay, with the proceeds donated to a rape charity. [1]


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Aaron North liberating SRV guitar.

During a 2002 show with The Icarus Line at the Hard Rock Cafe in Austin, Texas, Aaron used a mic stand to smash a protective case that contained a guitar that belonged to Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was escorted out by security before he could plug in the guitar.(Video)

With Teeth Tour Mic-Stand Incident

In 2006, North and the rest of the band were named in a lawsuit by a venue security guard named Mark LaVoie, who claimed that North "violently and intentionally" attacked him with a mic stand. The incident happened on October 13, 2005. In 2006, the suit was finally settled out of court, for a reportedly very high sum.

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