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Tribute albums are compilation albums containing tracks from a given artist, group, etc. covered by other artists. Often, these tribute albums are unauthorized but they do give credit to the original songwriters.

Nine Inch Nails has been the subject of a few tribute albums. Most of these were compiled by smaller record labels with the songs performed by lesser-known techno and industrial artists. There are even string-quartet tributes and an album of songs sold as children's lullabies.

Tribute Albums
Name Release Year Description
A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails 2004 Covers by artists such as Pig, Die Krupps and former KMFDM members
Absence of Faith 2002 A double disc set of covers, featuring the Radian Decay and The Broken Machine tribute albums.
Closer To The Spiral 2001 Disc includes fourteen covers.
Covered In Nails 2000 Twelve covers by artists such as Die Krupps, Pig and Sheep On Drugs
Gothic Acoustic Tribute To NIN 2005 Acoustic renditions of NIN songs, featuring Jennifer Hope.
Pretty Eight Machine 2012 NIN's entire Pretty Hate Machine re-imagined using old computers and game systems
Radiant Decay 1999 A collection of covers, later released as part of the double disc set Absence Of Faith.
Re-Covered In Nails 2001 Collection of covers by artists such as Goteki and former KMFDM members. The follow-up to Covered In Nails.
Rockabye Baby! 2007 Includes ten instrumental covers of NIN songs in lullaby form, employing the use of the glockenspiel, vibraphone, mellotron and more.
String Quartet Tribute 2002 Instrumental string renditions of NIN songs.
String Quartet Tribute to Pretty Hate Machine 2005 Instrumental string renditions of all the songs on NIN's Pretty Hate Machine
The Broken Machine 2001 Album of covers, later released as the second disc of the Absence Of Faith album.
The Piano Tribute To Nine Inch Nails 2004 Piano renditions of NIN songs from The Downward Spiral and The Fragile albums.

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