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Number: 24.23.1

Background Text: Der Prozess by Franz Kafka


Spectrogram #1
Spectrogram #2

Exhibit Twenty Four was discovered from the "Capital G" GarageBand release. A sample was spectrum analysed and found to contain Echoing The Sound avatars encoded as audio. The initial letter of the username that the avatars belonged to revealed the word "exhibit24."


Exhibit Twenty Four is a US Bureau of Morality page compiling a list of mostly all known ARG sites to-date (and hidden sub-pages). It is presented as a dossier of evidence against a classified individual, who is speculated to be Trent Reznor.

The page comprises of the numbers and what each page relates to.

Undiscovered Page: Another Version of the Truth /violence

Listed as a subdirectory of Another Version of the Truth, no detail is given on the content of this page. At present, fetching http://www.anotherversionofthetruth.com/violence returns a 404 Page Not Found error.

Subversive Networks

The last page of Exhibit Twenty four links to two lists of individuals. The first list consists of Spiral members, while the second list lists Echoing the Sound[1] members, with each addition bearing a 24.24.x.x designation. It is noticed that not ALL SPIRAL OR ETS members have been listed on this page.

Some members are referred to as being held at Exterminal, some are marked as deceased, and some are marked as soft targets. It is unknown if these personal statuses bear any relevance at present.

The individuals listed on these pages are deemed to be resistance members. A notice regarding the fates of these members reads:

The Resistance Network
These people are intelligent, organized, and highly motivated.
Finding, catching, and destroying them should be a top priority.

Interestingly, there is a gap in the first list. "" is not listed at all and the missing username can be determined by the names listed at numbers 1440 and 1442.


The inmate that Exhibit Twenty Four provides a dossier of evidence against is referred to as "[CLASSIFIED]". The surveillance video ("Survivalism") referred to on page 3 details the capture of an inmate referred to as "classified." This use of [CLASSIFIED] is the same as used on Exterminal.

Further searching shows that the [CLASSIFIED] subject is a "dissident musician" who is a part of Nine Inch Nails. This is listed as number 24.11.2 on page 3.

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