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I Am Still Trying To Believe is a Year Zero fan site created by a composer called "Shapermusic".


The site contains video clips of Shapermusic, who tells us that he is being followed and remixes tracks to "unveil" the truth. At the time of this writing, Shapermusic has remixed Survivalism, Capital G, My Violent Heart and God Given.

Shapermusic also uploads video clips that reveal the truth about Parepin. According to his narration, the drug is thrown in the water by the government to control people's minds, and mentions a basement called PPN-b19, where the water, fully processed with chemical substances and Parepin, is taken to the public water system.


Recently, a NinWiki user called IAMSTTB posted the URL http://www.openresearchnetwork.com/ inside various paragraphs of the "Recent News" section. The URL was deleted by the NinWiki staff.

The site, Open Research Network, is a site inspired by the ARG. It features info about PPN-b19 and hidden messages about the "Resistance".

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