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Lights In The Sky front artwork
Back artwork

Lights In The Sky is a free tour EP promoting Nine Inch Nails' 2008 American tour of the same name, featuring a track from each supporting artist plus one track from The Slip. The sampler was released for free from on the 5th of June 2008 as a high quality mp3 download that was encoded with LAME at V0 and fully tagged, also accompanied by album art, web graphics, wallpapers and a printable tour poster. It is labeled Seed 5, continuing the sister system to the Halo numbers for promotional material.


  1. "To Fix the Gash in Your Head" - A Place To Bury Strangers
  2. "We are Rockstars" - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
  3. "Crimewave" (Crystal Castles vs HEALTH) - Crystal Castles
  4. "Like New" - Deerhunter
  5. "Echoplex" - Nine Inch Nails

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Previous release - "The Definitive NIN - Quiet Tracks" Seed number: 5 Next release - "NINJA 2009 Summer Tour EP"
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