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Slam Bamboo

Slam Bamboo was a late 1980's pop band from Cleveland, for which Trent Reznor played keyboards. The band appeared on AM Cleveland, a local morning show hosted by Scott Newell, sometime in 1987. Original Nine Inch Nails drummer Ron Musarra was also a member. Reznor's time in the band was preceded by a stint in Exotic Birds and followed by a stint in Lucky Pierre.


From the AM Cleveland appearance:

  • Scott Hanson – vocals
  • Greg Thomas – bass guitar
  • Ron Musarra – drums
  • Trent Reznor – keyboards
  • Tim Kirker – guitar



  • "House on Fire" (1986) 7" vinyl
  • "White Lies" / "Cry Like a Baby" (1988) 7" vinyl


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