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Untitled Mixtape was a mixtape given out by Trent Reznor at a party in 1993. It contains Reznor's remixes of songs by Queen and Megadeth, in addition to many Nine Inch Nails remixes. The NIN tracks have all been released previously on official Halos. This is the earliest known source for Reznor's remix of Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down" and it is believed that all copies in circulation were sourced from this tape.


Side 1

  1. "Stone Cold Crazy" - Queen (remix)
  2. "Tie Your Mother Down" - Queen (remix)
  3. "Symphony Of Destruction" - Megadeth (remix)
  4. "Head Like A Hole (Soil)"
  5. "Down In It (Shred)"
  6. "Head Like A Hole (Slate)"
  7. "Down In It (Singe)"
  8. 9 second clip collage containing bits of mixes, "Happiness In Slavery," and "Gave Up"

Side 2

  1. "Terrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)"
  2. "You Know Who You Are"
  3. "Terrible Lie (Empathetic Mix)"
  4. "Sin (Long)"
  5. "Get Down, Make Love"
  6. "Sin (Short)"
  7. "Head Like A Hole (Copper)"
  8. "Down In It (Demo)"
  9. "Sin (Dub)"

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