Kick Out The Jams

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"Kick Out The Jams" is a song by MC5, covered by Street Sweeper Social Club with Trent Reznor during the NINJA 2009 Tour. It is available on YouTube via the official Nine Inch Nails account[1]. The song has previously been covered by Rage Against The Machine, which SSSC band member Tom Morello is also a part of.


Written by Rob Tyner, Wayne Kramer, Fred "Sonic" Smith, Michael Davis, Dennis Thompson.



  • Posted to the official Nine Inch Nails account.


Kick Out The Jams (live)

This is the only known version. It was performed by Trent Reznor, Boots Riley, Tom Morello, Carl Restivo, Dave Gibbs, and Eric Gardner.


   We're gonna kick 'em out

   Well I feel pretty good
   And I guess that I could get crazy now' baby
   We all got in tune
   When the dressing room got hazy
   I know how you want it
   When you're hot and tight
   The girl cant stand it
   When you're doing it right When they're up on the stand
   And then they kick out the jams
   Kick out the jams, We're gonna kick 'em out
   And I'm starin' to sweat
   You know my shirt's all wet
   What a feeling now baby
   And the sound that abound and resounds and rebounds straight off of the ceilin'
   You gotta have it baby
   You cant do without
   You get that feelin' gotta kick 'em out
   Put that mic in my hand
   And let me kick out the jams
   Yeah, kick out the jams, we gotta kick 'em out
   Got to get it up
   You know you can't get enough Miss McKenzie
   'Cause it gets in your brain
   It drives you insane' a loopy frenzy
   We got a guitar and a crash on the drums
   If you wanna keep on rockin' till the mornin' comes
   Let me be who I am
   And let me kick out the jams
   I done kicked 'em out

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