The Space In Between

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"The Space In Between"
Album: How To Destroy Angels
Length: 3:34
Tempo: 74 BPM
Versions: The Space In Between
Between The Spaces
Live: How To Destroy Angels Live 2013

"The Space In Between" is a song by How To Destroy Angels, and the second single from their eponymous EP.

Song Credits

Label: The Null Corporation


Since the band's inception, they had tweeted cryptic images, varying from smashed glass to flowers. The pictures culminated in an image of fire followed by the band tweeting that something would be there in "a few minutes" on May 14th 2010.

About 2 hours later, the video for "The Space In Between" was released via Pichfork Media. The following day, the band updated their website, YouTube and Vimeo profiles with a hi-definition (480p, 780p and 1080p) version of the video.

A week later, the band released the multitracks for "The Space In Between", along with the previous release "A Drowning", on

The guitar performance in this song was also featured prominently in an early teaser video which can be found here.


  • How To Destroy Angels


The Space In Between

This is the album and video version. After opening with a looped drumbeat, ambient and delayed guitars enter, followed by a deep synth strings bassline and Mariqueen's softly-sung verse. The chorus features more guitars layered on top of the differing bassline and harmonized vocals, followed by a second verse characterized by echoing Swarmatron manipulations. Even more guitars enter for the final chorus, which builds its harmonies as it repeats twice, matching the building layers of guitars. The entirety of the song cuts off suddenly at the end of the second chorus repetition.

Between The Spaces

This is a remix version by Alessandro Cortini (as SONOIO). It was released via HTDA's SoundCloud account and was performed live by HTDA on their debut tour.



The video, directed by Rupert Sanders (who is primarily known for creating video game advertisements) is set in a hotel room, and opens to the corridor outside. It cuts to a shot of an ajar door, and of an over-running sink, to show that something surprised the room. Once the vocals come in, we are given a shot of a recently-murdered (albeit singing) Bride (Mariqueen Reznor) sitting against a bed, surrounded with blood. Following close up shots show that a struggle had occurred, and show a long-burning candle near a stack of papers. A shot of another, unmoving, dead body, that of the Groom (Trent Reznor) in a pool of his own blood.

We are then shown a woman (Molly McDowell) speaking on the phone, and a man (Atticus Ross) watching motorbike racing on the hotel's television. The air are totally oblivious to the scene beside them despite the carnage. The video shows the weapons beside both the Bride and the Groom (a glass and knife respectively), to convey to the viewer that they killed each other. The video cuts to show the candle has ignited the stack of papers, and gives us the close up of the murdered man's face.

The remainder of the video shows the spread of the fire engulfing the corpses and their half of the room, and the apparent nonchalance of the supposed murderers. The video also reveals that there is apparently another man in the bathroom, but only his feet and hands are ever seen. The video cuts out abruptly as the Bride and Groom are totally consumed by the fire.

Director Rupert Sanders has said that this video is a metaphor for how neglect can allow love to die, symbolised by the self destruction of the married couple, totally ignored by the pair opposite. The video can also be seen as a partial rebuke towards much of the negative response that Mariqueen and Trent Reznor received after their engagement was made public, a reminder that everyone is human and that everyone can be hurt.


Making of

HTDA uploaded images of the "making of" process to the video, showing the use of mannequins and fire placement to bring the video to life.

Video Credits

  • Director: Rupert Sanders

  • Executive Producer: David Zander
  • Executive Producer: Eric Stern
  • Line Producer: Laurie Boccaccio
  • Associate Producer: Adriana Cebada Mora

  • Assistant Art Director: Jame LaRocca
  • Assistant Art Director: Kelly Flynn
  • Assistant Art Director: Kate Greenberg
  • Production Coordinator: Courtney Nolan
  • Director of Photography: Greig Fraser
  • Gaffer: John Vecchio
  • Key Grip: Brad Boyer
  • Production Designer: James Chinlund

  • Set Designer: James Chinlund
  • Art Director: Taylor Williams
  • Special Effects: Jeremy Hayes
  • Post Production: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Sue Troyan

  • Post Production Producer: Arielle Davis
  • Post Production Supervisor: Cedric Nicolas Troyan
  • Flame Supervisor: Phil Crowe
  • Flame Artist: Andy Bate
  • Flame Artist: Gareth Parr

  • Editor: Neil Smith
  • Producer: Jane Dilworth
  • Editor: Patrick Murphee
  • Executive Producer: David Glean
  • Film Transfer: Shane Harris

  • Producer: Taryn Mackprang
  • Head of Post Production: Thatcher Peterson


The band slowly released cryptic images via their twitter account, which culminated in the release of the video for The Space In Between, the images being revealed to be shots taken from the video's set.


   All our blood lying on the floor
   Sense the crowd expecting something more.
   Opened up, proudly on display,
   What we try so hard to hide away

   Blinding light illuminates the scene
   Try to fill the spaces in between

   Arms entwined in our final pose
   Narrative drawing to a close
   Still remain the things we couldn't kill
   In your eyes I can see it still
   How we choose the framing of the scene
   Hate begins to spill across the screen
   Blinding light illuminates the scene
   Try to fill the spaces in between

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