With Teeth (song)

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"With Teeth"
Album: With Teeth
Length: 5:37
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Versions: With Teeth
With Teeth (Beside You In Time)
Live: Live: With Teeth through Performance 2007

"With Teeth" is the seventh track off of the 2005 release LP, With Teeth.


The lyrics suggest it was written about addiction, using the metaphor of a seductive woman to represent the addiction.

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With Teeth

This is the original album version found on With Teeth.

With Teeth (Beside You In Time)

This live version is available on the Beside You In Time DVD. Trent Reznor says "the line begins to blur" instead of "the lines begin to blur" and "she comes on strong" instead of "it comes on strong", and omits the lyric "She is the greatest lie of all".


"With Teeth" was played at 46 shows (out of 146) during the Live: With Teeth tour[1], and it was played twice during the Performance 2007 tour. When performed live, it's performed very closely to the album version. Reznor often uses a tambourine during some of the instrumental parts, while Alessandro Cortini is often seen using an acoustic guitar (as in Beside You In Time).


    She comes along
    She gets inside
    She makes you better than
    Anything you've tried
    It's in her kiss
    The blackest sea
    It runs deeper than you
    Dare to dream it could be
    With teeth
    She's holding on
    With teeth
    Wave goodbye
    To what you were
    The rules have changed
    The lines begin to blur
    She makes you hard
    It comes on strong
    You've finally found
    The place where you belong
    With teeth
    She is the greatest lie of all
    I can not go through this again
    With teeth
    She is the greatest lie of all
    She will not let you go
    Keeps holding on
    This time I'm not coming back
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