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18 Iron Nails bootleg cover

18 IRON Nails contains remixes from the albums Broken and The Downward Spiral. This is one of many unauthorized remix albums.


  1. "A Broken Machine" by Redearth & Sline
  2. "Happiness In Slavery (Open your Mind)" by Luke
  3. "Become" by Black Judge
  4. "Silence Of The Pigs" by Redearth & Rayhan
  5. "I Do Not Want This (Enclosed)" by Rayhan
  6. "Last (Time I Buy One)" by Father Gay
  7. "Closer (Alliance)" by Scott Sanderson
  8. "Closer (Techno Mix)" by Entomorph
  9. "The Perfect Drug (Nothing Lasts Forever)" by Bonedwarf
  10. "The Perfect Drugs (Goddess)" by Tapeworm
  11. "The Blood Of Reptile" by Black Judge
  12. "A Cry For Help (I Do Not Want This)" by Luke
  13. "A Warm Place (Shit Mix)" by Burn
  14. "Wish (The Broken Truth)" by Scott Sanderson
  15. "Slavery (Part Two)" by Black Judge
  16. "Heresy (Rave Mix)" by Synthetic Minister
  17. "Heresy (Tripped Up Mix)" by Scott Sanderson
  18. "Closer (Remix)" by Unknown
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