Big Man With A Gun

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"Big Man With A Gun"
Album: The Downward Spiral
Length: 1:36
Tempo: 100 BPM
Versions: Big Man With A Gun
Big Man With A Gun (The Downward Spiral DE)
Live: Self Destruct Tour
Wave Goodbye Tour

"Big Man With A Gun" is the ninth track on The Downward Spiral.

It is rumored that the sound effect at the beginning of the song is an adult film actress in the throes of passion. The sound was reportedly run through a program by Tommy Lee, who called the resulting sound "Steakhouse."

The song's lyrics were also the subject of controversy when they were cited by conservatives William Bennett and C. Delores Tucker during their crusade against explicit lyrics in rap and hip-hop, egregiously mislabeling Nine Inch Nails as one of these acts.

Song Credits


In the March 1996 issue of Spin Magazine, Trent Reznor said the following about this song:

"The record was nearing completion. I had written those lyrics pretty quickly and I didn't know if I was going to use them or not. To me, Downward Spiral builds to a certain degree of madness, then it changes. That would be the last stage of delirium. So the original point of "Big Man With A Gun" was madness. But it was also making fun of the whole misogynistic gangsta-rap bulls**t. ... I listen to a lot of it, and I enjoy it. But I could do without the degree of misogny and hatred of women and abuse. Then, my song got misinterpreted as exactly that. It was probably a lack of being able to write. I've been taken out of context, and it's ridiculous."




Big Man With A Gun

This is the original version. Short, fast, violent, and energetic, this song contains many layers of different distorted guitar riffs, and features Reznor nearly speaking most of the lyrics with an equalizer filter on his voice. On the "March Of The Pigs" single, it does not contain the ending clip of "I Do Not Want This," as it does not transition directly from any other song.

Big Man With A Gun (The Downward Spiral DE)

In the 5.1 surround edition of the 2004 re-release of The Downward Spiral, the sample heard at the beginning is replaced with a lower-pitched, distant wail, which echoes around the speakers.


"Big Man With A Gun" became a semi-frequent encore on the Self Destruct Tour, and had not been played live since until its appearance at the Webster Hall performance with the rest of The Downward Spiral. Rehearsal and live footage of the song appear in brief on the leaked Closure DVD appendage.


    I am a big man
    (Yes I am)
    And I have a big gun
    Got me a big old dick and I
    I like to have fun
    Held against your forehead
    I'll make you suck it
    Maybe I'll put a hole in your head
    You know, just for the fuck of it
    I can reduce you if I want
    I can devour
    I'm hard as fucking steel, and I've got the power
    I'm every inch a man, and I'll show you somehow
    Me and my fucking gun
    Nothing can stop me now
    Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
    I'm going to come all over you
    Me and my fucking gun
    Me and my fucking gun

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