Now I'm Nothing

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"Now I'm Nothing"
Album: Closure (DVD)
Length: N/A
Tempo: 88 BPM
Versions: Now I'm Nothing
Live: Lollapalooza Tour
Pretty Hate Machine European Tour
Cold And Black And Infinite Tour

"Now I'm Nothing" is a song that was written for and used as an introduction to NIN's set during the Lollapalooza tour in 1991. It was always followed by "Terrible Lie," but was never recorded in the studio nor officially released. A live recording of it can, however, be found on the DVD release of Closure, and in audio form on bootlegs.

Reznor confirms the track was never recorded in the studio



  • Closure (DVD)


Now I'm Nothing (Closure)

Contained in the bonus footage on the Closure DVD, this is a live recording from Lollapalooza '91.


"Now I'm Nothing" debuted on the Lollapalooza Tour and Pretty Hate Machine European Tour, then resurfaced for occasional performances on the NIN/JA Tour to once again precede "Terrible Lie." It was again performed in 2018, preceding "Terrible Lie", during the Cold And Black And Infinite Tour.


It should be noted that several lines and words differ during different live performances of the song.

    I smashed myself to pieces
    I'm gonna fuck myself up
    I'm sifting through the ashes
    Of what I have become
    I gave myself away
    Now I'm nothing
    I let it slip away
    Now I'm nothing
    All that I can do
    Is break myself in two
    I fucked it all away
    Now I'm nothing
    Wave goodbye
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