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Better Alone artwork
Better Alone is a playlist created by Trent Reznor and posted to Spotify and Apple Music in January of 2018. It is an all-instrumental playlist intended for solitary listening sessions, and includes songs by Nine Inch Nails and well as score music by Reznor and Atticus Ross.


  1. "1 Ghosts I"
  2. "And When The Sky Was Opened"
  3. "Background Noise"
  4. "What If We Could?"
  5. "We Forget Who We Are"
  6. "Less Likely"
  7. "Parallel Timeline With Alternate Outcome"
  8. "What Have We Done To Each Other?"
  9. "Adrift And At Peace"
  10. "13 Ghosts II"
  11. "8 Billion"
  12. "Four Enclosed Walls"
  13. "Gone, Still"
  14. "Hand Covers Bruise"
  15. "A Warm Place"
  16. "2 Ghosts I"
  17. "The Frail"
  18. "28 Ghosts IV"
  19. "The Persistence Of Loss"
  20. "Soft Trees Break The Fall"

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