Rusty Nails II

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"Rusty Nails II" Bootleg

Rusty Nails II is the second installment in the Rusty Nails bootleg series. Liner note says "Copyright 1996 Dragon Music", with no further information or attribution. "Something Blue" and "Live In Me" are original tracks created by the person who made the bootleg, Mike Hitman Wilson.


  1. "Sanctified"
  2. "Clouser Heresy"
  3. "Something Blue"
  4. "Ruiner (Remix)"
  5. "Closer To God"
  6. "Heresy (Blind)"
  7. "Ruiner (Original)"
  8. "Head Like A Hole (Clay)"
  9. "March Of The Fuckheads"
  10. "Happiness In Slavery"
  11. "Maybe Just Once"
  12. "Kinda I Want To (Demo)"
  13. "Sin"
  14. "Live In Me"
  15. "Reptilian"
  16. "Underneath The Skin"
  17. "Memorabilia"
  18. "Wish"
  19. "Something I Can Never Have (Natural Born Killers Soundtrack)"
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